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GLP Safety Studies in China: Analysis of Recent Experiences:

Panelists included executives from companies that have used Chinese CROs for their IND-enabling toxicology studies.

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IND-Enabling Safety Evaluations in China: A Case Study:

This case study examines the value one company derived from placing their IND-enabling GLP studies at a CRO in Beijing.

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The Rise of China’s Contract Research Sector:

Quality and cost are key considerations for the increasing number of drug developers setting up arrangements to outsource their preclinical studies to China.

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CPMS manages preclinical safety studies in China on behalf of Western biopharmaceutical companies. We combine Chinese domestic expertise with Western compliance processes and oversee each stage of IND-enabling drug development.


China FAQs

Ernest D Bush, PhD answers some of the top questions for Western companies considering conducting preclinical trials in China.  


Ernest D Bush, PhD
CPMS Managing Director


Q:  How is China positioned today in the GLP CRO industry?

A:  2008 was a watershed year for the preclinical services sector in China. First, several major Western >> 

Q:  Are lower costs in China a key motivating factor?

A:  Sponsors can expect for an identical set of preclinical studies, a 35-50% savings versus >> 

Q:  How close is the Chinese GLP preclinical services sector to reaching a level of quality and compliance equal to a typical Western CRO?

A:  An interesting question, and probably the question I am most often asked by companies considering >> 


Q:  Why is the preclinical services sector in China of strategic interest to the West?

A:  The key driver is usually cost. If a sponsor can save 35 – 50% on a preclinical IND-enabling >> 


Q:  What recommendations do you have for sponsors interested in sending their preclinical studies to China?

A:  This is a complicated question and my response would normally be dependent on the specific >> 



China CRO Tours - October 2010

CPMS, in partnership with the China Pretrials 2010 Global Preclinical Development Summit (October 17 19, 2010), is hosting tours of the top CROs in the Beijing and Shanghai areas.   The tours are designed to explore and evaluate top Chinese pre clinical safety evaluation CROs, especially


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